How To Learn SEO And Master It In 20 Hours


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the hot talk of the town and almost everybody is trying to learn it. Even I tried to learn it :p In this Blog which I’m writing brcause I’m quite bored I’ll tell you how to learn SEO for free.

I have watch a lot of videos on YouTube and have brought some courses from Udemy and the process of learning of SEO even got me certificates from HubSopt and Google. Nothing happened to my rankings on my main website Ifoodnfitness until I started practicing what I was learning aka watching.

According to Josh Kaufman (The Author of The Personal MBA) you don’t learn untill you practice. So, when i started practicing my ranking started to improve. Before you leave this blog now and go to practicing SEO lets clear a few things.


What is SEO or Search Engine Optimization? (however you chose to call it)

Search Engine is the process of making your website rank on the 1st Page of google. Really? No! This is what most of the SEO people will tell you on their blogs but this ain’t SEO.

If you follow this definition thigs are going to be difficult for you. This definition isin’t wrong the but the approach it will give is wrong. So, what definition do I follow?

When I was doing the fundamentals of digital marketing course from google digital garage they gave a different definition which I liked and it made my life easier.

They said “SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of Optimizing a web page which makes it easier for both google and humans to interact, It is the process of making your website relevant for the Key Words you’re trying for.” This was simple but let’s simplify it even further.

It is the process of adding relevant content for the keywords. It should not be that you’re trying to rank for SEO and the page talks about SEM.

That’s it. That is the best definition of SEO and the one I chose to follow.

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How Can You Learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO) For Free?

Yes, for free. You don’t have to invest in courses like I did (You can if you want to) but following this blog and implementing whats written here can help more.

Now, the definition of SEO is clear. Lets look at the Steps in this optimization process.


Step 1: Find the keywords which are easy to rank for and are relevant to your business or article. You can use tools like Ubersuggest or Ahrefs.

Step 2: Put those keywords into your article, headings, title and meta description. (Use LSI keywords too) ( Make sure the keyword is about not more than 2% in the article)

Step 3: Promote the article on social media and other platforms

Step 4: Start Building backlinks.

That’s all. These are the only steps you need to do and leave the rest to google and other search engines.

Let’s talk about this in a bit detail as there will be individual post for each of the step.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the first step in Search Engine Optimization. It is this step that lays the foundation of your blog ranking on google.

For starters, keywords are the words you’re typing in google. It can be anything. Example: “How to learn search engine optimization for free” s a keyword.

There are two type of keywords and there are 3 intentional keyword.

The 2 types are

1) Short Tail “SEO”

2) Long tail Keyword “what is SEO”

The 3 intent are

1) Transaction Keyword

ex: “Hire Digital Marketing Agency” Note: here the focus is one making a transaction. The searcher is trying to find a company which he can hire to get his igital marketing done.

2) Informative Keyword

ex: “What is Digital Marketing” Note: The focus is general and not brand specific and the searcher is trying to learn something.

3) Branded Keyword

ex: “GIF Digital Digital Marketing Course” Note; the focus is not on digital marketing course but the GIF Digital Marketing course

If your blog is new you should focus more on long tail keywords as they are easy to rank.

Also, LSI means latent semantic index (related words). use this in headings and content Google loves LSI Keywords.

Promoting The content On Social Media

This step is important. Reason being that google uses social signals as a ranking factor. Also it provides you with the initial traffic and helps google see the bounce rate. If your bounce rate is high then google will not rank your content very high.

So, what should we do about this? Make content worth reading and sharing. The reader should stay in your web page for at-least 1-2 mins.

Building Backlinks

Backlinks are links pointing back to your website. Backlinks are of two type 1) Internal Backlink 2) External Backlink

Both the links are important ranking factor.

You can build links by commenting on other blogs, Posting on Quora and then linking your article back to it. When you share your article on social media that also counts as backlinks.

You can ask for links from other bloggers. Mail them show your article and ask for link if they like it.

Check out this article by neil patel about link building

Conclusion of How To Learn SEO

Just reading this article won’t do you need to share this article with your friends on facebook and twitter and get to work.

You just need a blog to implement all these steps.

You won’t learn until you practice. It takes 20 hours to learn something new and 100 hours to master anything to become the master at any skill. By practicing all these steps you’d have learnt SEO and that to for free. I’d also recommend you to learn the skill of copy-writing and a separate blog on that topic is coming soon.

You can get a blog for free but I don’t recommend that as it comes with lots of restrictions. Get yourself a domain name and an hosting and stat implementing it. If you’re a business owner reading this article you can hire us to do SEO for you here is all the services we offer.

How To Learn SEO And Master It In 20 Hours

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