Importance Of Digital Marketing For Small Businesses

In the world of small businesses it is very important to put their products in front of the right audience. The issue is finding the right audience at a low cost. In this blog post I’ll be talking about importance of digital marketing for small businesses.

Before we talk about digital marketing and the importance of digital marketing for small businesses lets talk a bit about marketing and then we can proceed onto Digital Marketing Benefits and how to create a digital marketing plan.

Digital Marketing

What is Marketing?

There are many definitions of marketing but the definition which I chose to follow is the one which my mentor told me. “Marketing is the act of conveying a message from a person or a brand to the public which engages them in an activity”

So, what is digital marketing?

Digital is just a medium. If we go by this definition then just like TV, Radio, Print, Digital is just a medium to get the message out to the right public.

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Why Digital Marketing Is Important For Small Businesses?

The importance of Digital Marketing for small businesses is even more than large companies. Here are a few reasons why

Your Target Audience Most Probably Uses Internet:

Today if we look at the total number of daily active users on Facebook alone 1.62 Billion People. This number is even grater on Google and is of a comparable size on Instagram and Snapchat and TikTiok. What does this mean? It means your next prospect and customer is on Internet

You Can Track Every Detail About Your Visitors and Customers:

Facebook and Google both offer codes to install on your websites which saves their data on your server.

So, when you’re run ad campaigns on Facebook or Google you know to whom you’ll be showing your ads to.

You Can Re-target:

Suppose someone came to your website, saw your products but did not buy! What to do next? isn’t that a potential customer lost.

Not if, you re-target them. Re-targeting means showing your ads to people who have seen your ads and have interacted with them already.

You Can Make Sale Anytime Of The Day:

You can make sale to your leads at anytime of the day. For this you need to collect the emails of the people coming to your website and sending them promotional emails and this can be done by using simple email marketing tools. Here is the list of 10 Free email marketing tools.

You can Target The Right Audience:

Showing your marketing message is important. Showing your Marketing message to the right audience is even more important. Digital Marketing lets you do so by offering detailed targeting services.

With Digital you can target people based on interests, beliefs and likes.


Digital Marketing is measurable. You can check which ads are performing and which ads don’t perform.

These tracking features are free and reliable. You can check and optimize or change at any point.

Cost Effective:

Digital marketing do not require huge investments.

Small businesses can find digital channels that work and do not require much cost to be spent.

Digital marketing, hence becomes a ray of hope for small businesses.

Digital Marketing Can Increase Revenue:

A successful digital marketing strategy gives more conversions. The revenue also increases as a result of higher conversion rates.

Companies that use social media generate 78% more business compared to the companies who do not use social media marketing. The response from email marketing is also high. A combination of content marketing with other marketing strategies together brings a high response and impacts the revenue.

Helps You In Becoming a Brand:

Well, The most important feature of digital marketing is that it helps you become a brand.

A proper ad campaign on the right platforms can have a great recall value.

How Can A Small Business Use Digital Marketing?

Now, when you have realized that digital is just a medium you should know that this medium is different than the traditional mediums.

Digital marketing is cost effective and offers you a variety of different marketing platform to chose from. Digital Marketing offers free marketing solutions like SEO and Organic Social Media Marketing and Cost effective and measurable paid marketing solutions like PPC and Social Media Ads.

Step by Step Method to Market Your Products Locally Using Social Media For Free

  • Step 1: Determine a Goal. (Can be brand awareness or sales)
  • Step 2: Create a customer persona. (What defines your customer, it can be age range or his demography (where does he lives), it can be his interests)
  • Step 3: Create Social Profiles where you think your customers are (Ideally almost everyone is on Facebook and Instagram)
  • Step 4: Create Content. (Talk about your business and your products, If you’ve any customer review then post it too to create social proof)
  • Step 5: Follow your customer and hopefully they’ll follow you back. (Now every time you post something or you’ve any offers post it directly and your customers will know about it.)
  • Step 5: You can skip step 4 if you want to spend money and run some ads
  • Step 6: Sign up for an email marketing service and start collecting email leads.
  • Step 7: Send Emails to build a personal connection with your customers.

Now, if you want to expand your business and take it to the next level. You have to create a website and then use SEO, PPC and social media ads to drive traffic to your website and make people aware of your business.


Successful brands have emerged by using nothing but digital marketing.

Digital Marketing is a ray of hope for small business who want to reach out to people but don’t have the sufficient budge. Traditional Advertising is expensive and is not measurable and here comes Digital Marketing to save the day.

Digital Marketing is not only cheap and cost effective but is also measurable and flexible. Hence the importance of Digital Marketing for small businesses is more than ever.

Importance Of Digital Marketing For Small Businesses

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