About GIF Digital

Welcome To Space

Hey, It’s good to see that you’re willing to now more about us.

We’re GIF Digital. Started by 3 brothers with a vision to improve your life by doing digital marketing for you. So, you can focus on you do the best.

Who Are We

We’re GIF Digital.

Started by 3  brothers, one is a Marketer, the other is a digital marketer and the final brother is a sales expert. 

Our Mission

We want to make your life easier by doing the Digital Marketing and bringing in customers for you so you can do what you’re best at

What We Do

We bring targeted Traffic to your website and then we convert them to your customers.

Our History

The 3 brothers are Syed Fuzail Irshad, Syed Saif Ali, Md. Asrar.

All 3 were independent freelancers until Syed Fuzail Irshad came up with the idea of GIF Digital. He told about his idea to his brothers and stated his mission to converts shops to brands and started GIF Digital

Our 6-D Process


We discover an audience. The type of customers you need to build your business and find their need and the ways you can fulfill it.


We define what kind of ads and posts are best suited for the discovered audience to create the brand engagement.


Design is the best part because the design will convert customers to followers and followers to customers.


Development is the part where we figure out the best places to reach the discovered audiance.


Finally, the ads, blog, posts are delivered to the right audience at the right place, at the right time.


The deployed efforts are the engines that deliver the results to you, which means more brand engagement, more customers and sales.

Why Choose Us?

The Posts are created by the best designers available in industry.

All our projects ae here to give you the results. The results for which you’re hiring us.

The Techniques used by

1) The Social Media Marketers,

2) The SEOs

3) The Web Designers 

are best suited to gove you the best ROI


All the employees and workers are efficient. The efficiency is a result of the experience they have gained in the industry.

The Team

Co-founder of GIF Digital

SEO Head

Owner of ifoodnfitness

Ex-Marketing executive at Business Economics Magazine 

Regional Head at MyCaptain

Md Asrar

Co-founder and director of of GIF Digital

Social Media Head 

Professional Digital Marketer


Tanmay Joshi

Co-founder and director

Lead generation Head
Professional Digital Marketer