Digital Marketing: Introduction for Beginners

digital marketing introduction

Hey, It’s good to see that you’re interested in learning about digital marketing. So, Lets start from Introduction to Digital Marketing. The reason for this is because until you know the introduction of digital marketing you won’t anything.

digital marketing introduction

The introductory definition would be “Digital Marketing is a form of Marketing using Digital Medium such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Social Media, Forums and every other place on Internet”.

Now you must know what is marketing?

There are many definitions of marketing. The one which i personally love and use is, “Marketing is the process of giving a message or asking for an action form a product or service to people at large and receive the reply for the message of action”.

Process Involved In Digital Marketing

Since you now know what is marketing and what is digital marketing here are the elements of digital marketing. When these elements are put together in a step by step manner then you can say your digital marketing plan is ready.

The elements are as follows

  1. Website Creation:
  2. Content Marketing
  3. Search Engine Optimization:
  4. Pay Per Click Ads.
  5. Social media Optimization:
  6. E-mail marketing
  7. Social Media Ads

Now lets Define each of them and learn how we use it to create a solid digital marketing campaign.

Website Creation

Website Creation is the first step in digital marketing. Let me tell you this one time, “you don’t need to know coding to create beautiful websites”.

People are making websites without knowing coding and you can create beautiful websites too. We use software such as WordPress to create these websites. We’ll teach you how t create beautiful websites in our upcoming courses.

To create website you need to purchase a domain name, a hosting (never use free hosting), install WordPress and install a theme. Boom! your website is ready to use.

Website creation is not Digital Marketing though. We create websites to drive the traffic to a place where we can sell our products.

While creating websites it is important to know some basic stuff, such as, UI and UX. UI stands for user interface and UX stands for user experience. It is important because if you don’t know this and your websites turns out to be clumsy then people won’t buy your stuff and they will leave.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the corner stone of Digital Marketing.

If you consider the Brick and Mortar Business, people don’t buy from you until they trust you. In digital Marketing we use content marketing as a process to gain trust.

Here, you publish some useful articles, also known as blogs. You share these blogs with people and this is how you build trust with people.

Content marketing also helps you a lot in SEO.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization has quite a history.

If I talk about 10-15 years ago SEO was easy now, SEO or search engine optimization is very competitive. In SEO, we try to rank our website in the first page of google and other search engines. Well, our primary focus is on google because it is the Number search engine.

Our primary reason for doing SEO is to drive free traffic to our website and then convert those visitors into customers.

There are more than 200 factors that Google uses to rank a website on page 1 of google.

There are 3 different parts of SEO

  1. On Page SEO: This is basically what content you write you write on your blog. There are plugins that will help you out in performing you on page SEO. The one that I personally use and love is Yoast SEO Plugin. You just have to write the article and Yoast will tell you what changes you have to make.
  2. Technical SEO: This part is concerned with the look, the feel and the website speed. For this also there are plugins to make your life easier. Elementor is one plugin that helps you make the look and feel of the site good.
  3. Off Page SEO: Well, off page seo is the difficult part. Here, you have to build back links to your website. Backlinks are referring domains to a specific page or a website. Backlinks are of two types; 1) Internal Backlinks 2) External Backlinks. The internal links connect the website with each another and the external links connect brings the google bots and other people from other website to your website. It is like other people are mentioning your website. to build backlinks you reach out to other website owners and bloggers and let them know about your website and if they find your website to be useful for their user they link your website to their page. (more blogs on this coming soon)

Pay Per Click Ads (PPC)

Pay per click ads. These are the best ads for generating leads and for B2B businesses.

I personally have used this as a lot to generate email leads.

The best way to get started with PPC ads is to use Google AdWords. When you sign up for Google AdWords they give you a $100 credit to get started and to run a few ads and if you don’t get the credit you can call the Google customer care executive and they will just give you the ad credit.

The main fundamental of PPC is you only pay when anyone clicks on your ads.

It is the easiest way to get on the top of the Google search result page or SERP for a limited amount of time.

If you have a big budget then by only using PPC you can create the branding effect and people will know about you.

Facebook also provides you with the option of PPC ads but Google AdWords is much more preferable in regards with PPC.

Now, if you are starting a digital marketing campaign what I would suggest you is. Create the website then do proper content marketing and SEO and then create something valuable and and give it for free using PPC ads. For giving out the free valuable item you just ask for email, name and mobile number rest you will have email marketing and SMS marketing to generate revenue from those email and mobile number.

Social Media Optimization

In social media optimization you create all your social media profiles and optimize it to the maximum level.

Here, optimization means making your social media profiles look professional, using the right keywords which users can use to find you and making the user interface easy so that people know what to find and where to find.

Social Media Optimization is one of the best ways to grow your social media profiles organically. Now you may ask why do we need to grow our social media profiles? The answer is, you can generate leads and get customers using social media.

Social Media can turn out to be one of the best tools for getting customers. to get customers you just have to listen what customers are saying.

To listen the customer response first you need to have a Customer Persona built in your mind and you need to know your competitors.

Then you should go to your competitors profile and search and see their followers profile and see what they are posting. You can also directly search the topics on which you are writing on Facebook or Instagram and you will see what customers are posting and what problems they are facing.

If you are one of the companies who can solve the problem of the customers you can just directly reach out them by telling them “hey, I saw your post regarding this problem my company does this and we can help you out in this this this way and it would cost you this much just tell me know if you are interested”.

As Neil Patel says social media has been growing faster than the internet itself, so make the full use of it

E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing is the oldest tool which digital marketers have in the arsenal. It is the tool which 90% of the digital marketers use to get sales.

E-mail marketing is just like reaching out to consumers one-on-one, having a direct conversation with them offering them your office and to buy your thing, just using email.

I have already shared with you the way how you are going to collect the email ID of the probable customers. Now, I am sharing with you how you are going to turn these email ID, i.e. the probable customers into a customer.

In sales we use the concept of AIDA. A stands for attention, I stands for interest, D stands for desire, A stands for action.

It goes something like this, first you get the attention you probable customer, then you try to create interest within him to talk to you and the interest regarding your product, then you create the desire where you take him to the Dreamland where actually the sales happens and finally you ask for the action i.e. you asking to buy. In

In Digital Marketing we are not meeting with our customers one-on-one so we use a slightly different concept which is A.C.T.A. Here, A stands for attention, C stands for content, T stands for trust, A stands for action.

To have a successful email marketing campaign what you do is defined below

You create a content which is very valuable to your customers. You give that content for free by using a signup form. In that signup form you ask for the customer’s email, name, in return of the the useful content.

Once they give you then email you send them the useful content and you start a drip marketing campaign where you send them lots and lots of free content to gain their trust and once the trust is build then you offer your product.

Social Media Ads

As I have already said earlier that social media has been growing faster than the internet itself. All social media services are free, so the question arises how does the social media companies earn money.

These companies earn money by selling the ad space. Each and every social media platform allows people to put up ads to reach more targeted people anytime.

Facebook by far has been the best advertising platform for social media marketers. Since it offers great detailed targeting options.

The email marketing people use social media ads to reach out to more people to collect their emails, people also use social media ads to increase their followers and subscribers and to drive traffic to their website.

Step By Step Process

  1. Create a website and design it.
  2. Write some content which is useful for the readers and is related to the topic of your website.
  3. Optimize the content for on page SEO, reach out to other bloggers in the field. Let them know about your blog and ask them to link your blog to one of their articles.
  4. Create a useful piece of content for which people would pay but offer it for free.
  5. Co-operate for free create a landing page and signup for an email Marketing software such as MailChimp.
  6. Run Facebook ads and Google ads and let people know about your offering and in return you ask for their email address.
  7. Send them free content such as blogs on emails.
  8. Create your social media profiles and optimize it.
  9. Ask your email subscribers to follow you on your social media profiles. To get more followers you can also run some paid ads directing the ad to your profiles.

Conclusion of Introduction to Digital Marketing

To conclude this blog, I would like to say, you don’t learn digital marketing by reading Bernard by practicing.

By now you have understood what is marketing, what is digital marketing, and what are the steps you need to follow to become a digital marketer.

Follow these steps and let me know in comments what results did you get. PS, feel free to share this blogs on your social media profiles with your friends who are also into marketing.

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