Silver Plan


What will you get with Silver GIF Plan

1 assigned person

1 Website

SEO services

Monthly Reports

7/24 Support​



Why even bother to create a website?

Your Website is your shop on the internet and you have to be present here!

It works for you 365 days a year and 24 hrs and 7 days a week! It is working even when you’re sleeping or you’re busy eating or you’re on a date!

Your customers visit your online shop aka your website and place their order on your online shop and makes the payment there too! You Just need to fulfill the order by delivering your products or the services you offer

Why Hire us?

At GIF Digital we’re specialized in creating beautiful websites and driving traffic to these websites. Our dedicated team will help you gain the online exposure you are in a desperate need of and will be providing your hassle free services at a price no one is offering in the whole industry.

Once you hire us to do your digital marketing you can stay tension free about customers.

What will you get with Silver GIF Plan

1 assigned person: One Person will be assigned for your and your only project.

1 Website: The person would create a beautiful website and will maintain it throughout the duration of our service

SEO services: SEO means Search Engine Optimization, The person would drive traffic to your website using SEO to ensure maximum Exposure for your business.

Monthly Reports: You won’t be kept in dark and monthly reports would be sent to you about the work we’ve done for you

7/24 Support​: We offer 24/7 Support

Silver Plan


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