SEO: The Ultimate Guide to Search Engine Optimization

SEO Definition

Hey, in this ultimate guide to Search Engine Optimization or SEO, I’m going to answer all the questions regarding SEO. What is SEO? Why is SEO important for you and for the success of your online business? Free available SEO tools and many more questions will be answered.

So stick with me till the end of this blog and read the complete article.

Well, if you have any doubt regarding digital marketing you can check out my beginners guide to digital marketing.

What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of getting your website or a web page ranked, positioned, preferably on the first page of any search engine be it Yahoo, Bing, Baidu or Google.

All the SEO’s all around the world stick to google because google is the dominant search engine among all and occupies 80% of the market share.

SEO Definition

This is not all about SEO, there is more.

SEO is of 3 types 1) On page SEO 2) Off page SEO 3) Technical SEO

On page

On page SEO refers to the things you do on your page, i.e. things which are in your control. It included Keyword research, putting those keywords into your content and in your permalinks and your meta description.

On page SEO according to me is the easy part. The only pain is in writing an article which is easy to read and at the same time is offers the in-depth knowledge. If you’re using WordPress for your website then you should install the YOAST plugin, this plugin will help you in creating the XML sitemap to submit it to google. While writing content YOAST will help you by giving you suggestion on where to improve. This plugin will also allow you to edit your snippet which includes your Meta Description, Title and Permalink.

If you’re doing all the coding to create the website and the article then there will be no help from any plugin. You have to edit everything on your own.

Now you may ask what is Keyword and keyword research?

Keyword is the term you want to rank for in the search engine. It can be anything like “scooters” or “best scooter dealers near me”.

Now, you have understood what is keyword let us know what keyword research is.

Not every keyword is same, some keywords have high search volume and some keywords have low search volume. Some keywords have a high CPC or Cost Per Click and have some have low Cost Per Click and so on. This is the reason that Keyword research is so important.

To do this keyword research there are various tools out there, some are free and some are paid. Personally, I like paid ones because of the in-depth analysis they offer and the paid tools also help in off page SEO. If you’re not willing to invest right now then you’ve got some free tools too, some of the free tools are directly offered by google like Google keyword Planner, Ubersuggest.

Off Page

In a nut shell, Off page refers to all the thing which you and others do while off your web page it includes Link Clicks, get Backlinks and site mentions. It is an easy but tiresome process.

How to do Off Page?

Well, there is not much you can do in Off page apart from creating backlinks. So, what is Backlink?

Backlinks are the links from other websites which sends people and crawlers to your website. These links can be both Internal and External.

Internal Links are the links which send people to the other pages of your own website example the first link of beginners guide to digital marketing. External links are the links which send people from your website to other website ex the ubbersuggest link which I shared earlier.

How can you create backlinks?

You create backlinks by asking other webmasters like yourself to link to your website or article. You hit ’em up on Social Media, E-mail and let them know about your article and you give them a reason to link back to your website, if the webmasters find your article suitable for their readers then they link back to your article and you get a backlink.

Why is creating backlinks important?

Creating backlinks is very important as it signals to google a vote of confidence in you and in your expertise. Google has itself mentioned that backlinks is one of their most important ranking and SEO factors

Creating backlinks is not solely enough. Creating relevant backlinks is important, this means that the backlinks should be coming from website that is relevant your industry or a niche. Example, a backlink coming to a digital marketing website like ours from a food or a lyrics website is not important and will not effect our rankings.


Now, you’ve done your on page and off page finally it is time for the most important factor the technical SEO. Technical is the process of speeding up your website and submitting your sitemap to search engine.

The technical part of SEO will make or break your rankings.

If you don’t submit your sitemap to search engines then your website will never be found and all your effort are in vain. reports that with every 0.5 seconds delay in load time 8 people leave the page and switch to the different website. This is called bounce rate, google and other search engine penalizes your website if the bounce rate is very high.

There are plugins to help you do your technical. Yoast help’s you create XML sitemap and WP-optimize will help you in speeding up your load times by caching in.

Why SEO is Important?

SEO is important because it brings free targeted traffic to your website. A part of this traffic converts into leads and eventually into sales.

Didn’t get it?

Take your website as a business card. You give your business card to people you meet and then maybe some of those people convert into leads and then business happens.

Similarly, your website is a business card. With the help of this business card you can reach 1000’s of people at the same time. This business card can convert the visitors into customers by selling them your services online. Having a website unlocks the potential for unlimited income and SEO helps you with getting more leads for free. Now you know why is SEO important for you.

Well, you can do your it on your own or you can hire us to do it for you.

How SEO works?

SEO is the process of getting your website ranked in search engine.

All the search engines crawl your website using bots called spiders or crawlers. They find all the things in your website and stores it in their database. Whenever anyone is performing any kind of search then these google bots search the entire internet and bring up the best result matching the search term.

SEO helps to optimize your article to reach to the right audience for the right keywords. It also helps google to find if your article is the best one for the search query by putting in the key words from the search query in the title, meta description and the article. It helps in user experience by providing the right answer with lightning fast speed.

The rankings also happens based in site authority. The site authority is measured by No. of backlinks coming from relevant websites.

Now, I hope you get it how SEO works.

FREE Tools for SEO

SEO can and cannot be done without tools. While, I prefer using tools because tools are there to make our life easier. here are some free tools for you

UBERSUGGEST: Ubersuggest is a complete all in one tool you need for your website. It offers keyword research, content ideas, site audit and backlinks report too.

Keyword planner: This tool is offered by google itself. Helps you in finding relevant keywords which people are searching on google.

MOZ bar: Helps you find domain authority while still being on google. It is a chrome extension an works only on desktop and laptops.

Aminstitute: Helps you in analyzing your headlines


SEO is easy and can be done by anyone who is willing to learn and is willing to give in time and effort.

Above is given a systematic process of doing SEO which starts from doing keyword research ad to creating backlinks and then the technical part which is speeding your website and creating the XML sitemap.

Also all the required tools are given which will make your job easier.

Just put in the time and effort and the job will be done and you’ll be reaping the benefits of sown efforts.

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